Year 3 - Elm Class & Ash Class

Welcome to Year 3 
Elm Class (Miss O'Brien) 
Ash Class (Miss Rowe) 
Miss O'Brien

Year 3 Teacher, History and Geography Lead

Miss Rowe

Year 3 Teacher, Music lead

Mrs Stevens

HLTA in Elm Class

Mrs York

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Miss Stimpson

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Freeman

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Blunt

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cotton

Year 3 Teaching Assistant


Summer Term in Year 3


 What a great year it has been so far in Year 3! All the children within Ash and Elm class have worked extremely hard, and have created some fantastic work in all of our lessons! Whilst being inspirational Sandy Hill stars.


This term, Year 3 will be launching into their learning with a very exciting History based topic - 'The Ancient Egyptians'.  This topic has great cross-curricular links to other subjects such as English and Art. In English, we will be reading topic related books such as The Egyptian Cinderella Story, and this will provide a stimulus for our writing. We will also be delving into our local history topic where we will focus on Carylon Bay, whilst answering our big question which is "To consider if change is always a good thing?" This term our Geography learning will inspire the children to investigate the question "Why do so many people in the World live in Megacities?"



In Maths, the children will be focusing on fractions, money, time, shapes, and statistics. This term, we will be learning the 3 times tables, in a variety of active and engaging ways. Whilst also consolidating the 2's, 5's, 10's, 4's  and 8's which have been previously taught in year 2 and  year 3. 


And finally, our PE day in Year 3 will be every Monday. Please can the children in Year 3 come in to school every Monday wearing their PE kits, Thank you. Our PE topics this term are Tennis and Athletics.


As we enter in to the final term of the year, we will continue to be Sandy Hill STARS and work resiliently. We are very keen to share with you the exciting adventures we will explore in the Summer term. 

We have attached a list of the Year 3 recommended reads for you to have a look at.  You might want to read a few of these at home!

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