Year 2 - Maple Class and Willow Class

Welcome to Maple Class (Mrs Bawden) and Willow Class (Miss Rogers)

Miss Rogers

Year 2 Teacher/Art lead/MFL lead and School Parliament

Mrs Bawden

Year 2 Teacher/ Ks1 Lead

Mrs Case

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Raikes

Teaching Assistant

Miss Philp

Teaching Assistant

Miss Derbyshire

Teaching Assistant

Year Two have been enjoying learning all about castles. One Monday morning we were excited to see that a water dragon had visited our school and left footprints, dragon eggs and a note for each class. We have been carefully looking after the eggs and the baby dragons have now hatched. We now need to learn how to look after a baby dragon!
We have enjoyed finding out about castles in Cornwall, some of which we have actually visited with our families before and we now know what the parts of the castle are called.
Our next learning is all about monarchs and we are going to start by making our own rules for the lands we are in charge of!

Year Two classrooms.
We really enjoyed the NSPCC number day.