Year 2 - Maple Class and Willow Class

Welcome to Maple Class (Mrs Osborne) and Willow Class (Miss Rogers)
Miss Rogers

Year 2 Teacher/Art lead/Languages lead and School Parliament

Mrs Osborne

Year 2 Teacher/ Science Lead

Mrs Case

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Antonio

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Paull

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Whetter

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Raikes

Teaching Assistant

Miss Kelly Triggs

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jennifer Freeman

Teaching Assistant

Year 2 are thoroughly enjoying our current topic 'Sensational Safari'.  We have enjoyed exploring a range of African artefacts, using atlases to locate Kenya/Africa on a world map and learning about African animals. We have learnt and performed a traditional African song, enjoyed a range of African music and created amazing sunset silhouette paintings. 

In science, we have been learning about animal habitats and have had great fun making observations in our School grounds. We particularly enjoyed participating in the RSPB Great School Birdwatch where we collected data to record the different types of birds observed in our school grounds. 

In English we have been learning some amazing facts about Big Cats to include in our non-chronological report writing about Cheetahs and Lions.  

We celebrated a brilliant half-term of learning with the challenge of designing and making our very own moving safari jeeps- where we learnt about wheels, axles and chassis. What a fabulous term of learning Year 2! 


Year Two classrooms.

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