Year 2 - Maple Class and Willow Class

Welcome to Year 2
Maple Class (Miss Polmounter) and Willow Class (Miss Bussandri)
Miss Polmounter

Year 2 Teacher / Design and Technology Lead / Oracy Lead

Miss Bussandri

Year 2 Teacher/ Phonics Lead

Miss Triggs

Teaching Assistant

Mrs James

Teaching Assistant

Our topic throughout Autumn Term was 'Fire.' We learnt about what life was like in 1666 and the events that unfolded in Pudding Lane. Within Geography we explore London, our capital city as we learnt about the countries that make up the United Kingdom. Our 'Fire' unit was woven through our learning across the curriculum. In D.T our sewing focus had a distinctively Cornish element as we sewed our very own Goolans to use within Cornish language lessons. We explored the works of local artist Sir Terry Frost and used this as inspiration for our own Great Fire of London compositions. Dance saw us moving to music and working collaboratively with our peers to choreograph a dance to represent the flickering flames of a fire. 


In Spring Term our topic was 'Sensational Safari.' As part of this topic we compared life in Africa to life in the United Kingdom. We enjoyed creating our own African folk tales inspired by our shared reading and writing in English lessons. Maple and Willow Classes designed and made their very own safari vehicles and created a painted African sunset with an animal silhoutte. During Spring Term we also enjoyed celebrating St. Piran's Day and World Book Day. What fun we had!


Our topic for Summer Term is 'Explorers.' We are excited to to learn about explorer Christopher Columbus who is known for his 1492 'discovery' of the 'new world' of the Americas on board his ship Santa Maria. Neil A. Armstrong is another brilliant explorer who we are eager to learn more about next term. A fantastic NASA research pilot, astronaut, and the first man to set foot on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Our learning about worldwide explorers will be inspiring our learning in art. The works of worldwide artist Henri Rosseau will be used as our inspiration to design and create our own mosaic works of art.

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