Our Learning Journey

This half term the children have been fully immersed in their topic 'What lives down at the bottom of the garden?' The children have enjoyed learning about life cycles! To start the half term topic, we learnt all about the life cycle of a butterfly! We have been excited to watch our very own wriggly caterpillars in Nursery and observe their changes over time. We are now beginning to learn about the life cycle of a plant. We have recently planted sunflower seeds and we cannot wait to watch them grow over the next few weeks!

Tapestry is an online tool that we use to document the assessment of the children through observation. Observations are also encouraged with any home learning or ‘Wow moments’. We will also use Tapestry to upload key documents and newsletters.
An activation email will be sent to you once your child has enrolled and there will be further support and guidance to follow.

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