Our Learning Journey

At Sandy Hill Academy Nursery our learning environment is planned to provide high-quality provision accessible to all children. We have recently updated our nursery environment to ensure that it offers successful opportunities to enhance play and learning across all the areas of the Early Years curriculum. We have found that this has worked extremely well as the children know where to find and access the resources they need in order to enhance and extend their learning through play. 
Everything in our nursery environment is designed to help support the children develop the essential social and learning skills they need when entering more formal learning at a later stage.
At Sandy Hill Nursery we consistently promote inquisitive minds and independent attitudes and have created a space in which children can thrive.
Our Learning Journey display board is a fantastic way for the children in Acorn class to share their learning throughout their year in nursery! It is the biggest display board in the classroom and it is a lovely visual way for the children to share their progression and learning with everyone every half term.
Tapestry is an online tool that we use to document the assessment of the children through observation. Observations are also encouraged with any home learning or ‘Wow moments’. We will also use Tapestry to upload key documents and newsletters.
An activation email will be sent to you once your child has enrolled and there will be further support and guidance to follow.
We are looking forward to the Summer term in Nursery, where our topic will be 'Amazing Animals'. We are so excited to welcome the children back after Easter break and get stuck into our new topic of learning! We will be learning about different environments and animal habitats, comparing different places around the world!
Our focus artist will be Wassily Kandinsky, and we will be looking at his famous piece 'Squares and Concentric Circles' and how we can recreate our own versions of this artwork.
We will be continuing our work on exploring colour mixing and using shapes to create patterns and represent different objects.
We cannot wait to begin practising for our Nursery Sports Day, which will be held at the end of the half term! We will be learning to take part in a variety of group games and sport activities to help us prepare for our Sports Day event. 
Our Early Years Library 
At Sandy Hill Academy Nursery, we are very lucky to share the Early Years Library with the children in Reception. Every Tuesday and Friday our Nursery children are able to choose a Library book to take home and share with their families. This has been a lovely opportunity for the Nursery children to share their love of stories with their families at home!

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