Our Learning Journey

This half term the children have been fully immersed in their topic 'What would our world look like frozen?' The children have enjoyed learning about how water turns into Ice and how it melts again! To start the half term topic, we found some items around the Nursery and talked about how they felt.  The children described them as 'Warm' 'Fuzzy' 'Dry' and 'Soft'.    We then watched a short film about the frozen planet.   We discussed what we saw and the children described it as 'Cold' and 'Snowy'. 

We decided to experiment.  What would happen to our Nursery items if we froze them in the freezer?  The children predicted the toys would be 'Hard' 'Cold' and 'Icy'.  

We popped them all in the freezer and waited.  When we looked at them all as a class we talked about our predictions.  The children recalled the predictions and then decided if they had were correct.  Yes! They were.

We all then enjoyed an Ice Pole!.   

We have all enjoyed having ice in the water troughs.  Looking at the ice melting and seeing how differently we play with it when its frozen and when it melts.  


Tapestry is an online tool that we use to document the assessment of the children through observation. Observations are also encouraged with any home learning or ‘Wow moments’. We will also use Tapestry to upload key documents and newsletters.
An activation email will be sent to you once your child has enrolled and there will be further support and guidance to follow.

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