Pupil Code Of Behaviour

Sandy Hill Behaviour Policy


At Sandy Hill, we have introduced a new behaviour policy which will work in line with our ‘Sandy Hill STARS’. Each class will have a consistent behaviour policy with 4 clear rules that run throughout our school

- Show respect and good manners

- Follow instructions

- Care for everyone and everything

- Try your best

All children will start on the green (with names on pegs) and if all names remain there at the end of the day, teachers will reward the children – these rewards will be individual to each class. If children are demonstrating exemplar behaviour linked to the ‘Sandy STARS’, they can move up to the star and then they will earn golden tickets.

STARS –Self-motivated, Thinkers, Aspirational, Resilient, Supportive


If children are not following the school rules, they will be asked to move their peg down to amber as a warning. If this continues, they will move down to red and miss some of their playtime. The class teacher will keep a log of these names – if a name appears in the log more than 3 times, then the class teacher will contact parents.


If children continue to not follow the school rules, they will be asked to move down to blue. This will mean that they will be sent to Miss Bingham or Miss James and appropriate intervention will be put into place if necessary. A record of this will be kept in the main office. Parents will be contacted if necessary/appropriate.


For more serious incidents (harming others or swearing), children can move straight to blue as this needs to be recorded in our central record – parents will be informed

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