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Welcome to Cherry Class (Mrs Evans) and Apple Class (Miss Penny)

Mrs Evans - Cherry Class

Reception Teacher/ EYFS Lead

Miss Penny- Apple Class

Reception Teacher



Apple and Cherry class have had another hugely positive start to the second half of Autumn term. Thank you to all the parents and carers who have continued to support us with the return to school, and lots of fantastic home learning and participation in our Optional Home Learning Project. The children are continuing to thrive in school, developing friendships and progressing rapidly with their learning. Each day they show us how they are all truly ‘Sandy stars’, who try their best and care for others.

We began the term with the continuation of our Gruffalo topic, creating lots of fantastic artwork and making Gruffalo crumble. The children have enjoyed exploring the story and having the opportunity to retell the story together in our small world areas.

We were thrilled to celebrate Bonfire Night with the children in Reception. The children explored fireworks using their senses, and talked about the colours, sounds and patterns they saw. We had lots of fun designing our own!

We marked Remembrance Day by thinking about and discussing the people in our lives who make us feel loved and protected. The children created a field of poppies and poppy wreaths labelled with the people they like to remember.

This week, we have started our Diwali topic, in which the children have been fascinated to learn about how Hindus celebrate the ‘Festival of Light’. We were excited to retell the story using masks, and create some beautiful art inspired by images of Rangoli patterns and Mehndi hands.

We have been continuing to work exceptionally hard in our daily Phonic sessions. We have been learning a new sound each day and are all coming on leaps and bounds with our segmenting and blending, and letter formation. Mrs Evans, Miss Penny and the Reception team are thrilled with the children’s progress and enthusiasm and are thankful to parents and carers for their dedication to reading daily with their children!

We look forward to the rest of the term and celebrating Christmas with the children, please do check our blog next term to see what other adventures we get up to!

It has been an absolute joy to welcome all of the new Reception children to Sandy Hill Academy. Thank you to all the parents and carers who have supported us with transitioning children in to school. It was clear to see that the children had watched the videos of Miss Penny and Mrs Evans on the website prior to starting school. The children have taken the new routine, environment, mix of children and new adults in their stride. 
This week the children have been using their 'All About Me' boxes to share with friends and present in front of the class. It has been endearing to watch the early stages of new friendships. 
We have talked about what makes us special and noticed similarities and differences about what we like to do and also how we look. We have enjoyed creating self-portraits using paint that are now displayed in our galleries in both classrooms- don't they look fantastic!!
Apple and Cherry class have been working really hard on their Phonic sessions since starting school. We are learning a new sound each day! We have been thinking of words that contain the sound, forming the letter correctly and reading our words and books containing the focus weekly sounds!
To kick start the Autumn term, the topic in Reception will be 'All About Me'. We will be finding out all about our new friends and what makes us all unique and special. Our focus story for the topic will be 'Elmer' by David McKee. A video of Mrs Evans and Miss Penny reading this lovely story can be found under the 'Parent' tab on our website . We will extend our discussions to talk about our homes and who we live with, including our pets! We will then link our learning to the traditional story 'The Three Little Pigs', who have to go and build their own houses. 
The children's 'All About Me Boxes' will be a great way to get to know the children- we are looking forward to sharing them with each other! You can watch Mrs Evans and Miss Penny showing theirs on the 'Parent' Tab under 'Starting School'. 
This is our Reception Library- we love to visit the library!
Mrs Evans has been really busy preparing your new classroom for September. She has made a video of your walk into school and a tour of the lovely classroom environment...

Miss Penny has been really busy preparing your new classroom for September. She has made a video of your walk into school and a tour of the lovely classroom environment...