Parent Support Advisor

Providing information and advice for parents, carers and families.

Parenting is not an easy job and, at times things can get tough. 
Like every other parent, you want what is best for your child.

Parent Support Advisers are there to help deal with any worries or concerns.
I may not have all the answers, but together we can work out how to find them

How Do I Do This?

  • I offer one to one support
  • I listen to you and offer support and advice
  • Provide information about other relevant services in the area

Offer opportunities to attend parenting groups and to learn together.

What is a Parent Support Adviser?
Parent Support Advisers are there to help you and your child get the best from your school by providing support, advice and information.

A Parental Support Adviser works closely with families to support school staff and external agencies in partnership with families.

Helping parents to feel comfortable about coming into school and participating in their children's learning.


I will be happy to help you with any concerns you may have such as:

  • Changes in Behaviour with your child
  • Child sleep issues
  • Debt management
  • Housing concerns
  • Help with any forms that need completing.

Or if you would like to stop by for a cuppa and a chat, you would be more than welcome.


I look forward to seeing you.


Mrs Chown

Parent Support Advisor



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