Curriculum Overview

'Aspiring to achieve, determined to succeed.'

Curriculum Overview:


With curriculum drivers of reading, vocabulary, aspiration and diversity, we have high expectations of our pupils. Within the foundations of our curriculum, character, collaboration and communication create a solid base for learning to be built upon. Our curriculum challenges all pupils to achieve the best possible outcomes both academically and in character, removing barriers and inspiring futures.

*All children have highly positive attitudes and are motivated with a high-level of engagement, building a life-long love of learning. 
*A coherently planned and sequenced knowledge-engaged curriculum that alters pupils' long term memory so they experience more, know more and can do more.
*An ambitious curriculum that is specifically designed and enriched with cultural capital to meet the interests of our pupils' background and experience, reflecting the local context and raising aspirations for all. 
*Teachers have a firm and common understanding of the school's curriculum and what it means for their practice.
*Subject leaders actively consider, review and develop the pedagogy, planning, sequence, delivery and outcomes for all learners.
*Reading is prioritised enabling pupils to access the full curriculum offer.
*Behaviour and attitudes are excellent with pupils actively supporting the wellbeing of other pupils, contributing to the life of the school and wider community.
*Pupils gain knowledge and skills for future learning and employment.

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