Mathematics at Sandy Hill



The mathematics curriculum at Sandy Hill has been designed to ensure that children possess the skills and knowledge that will affect them positively in their lives. Concepts have been carefully sequenced to enable learners to make connections, building upon prior knowledge. At the heart of the curriculum, driven throughout each academic year, will be fundamental fluency/arithmetic skills. 


 We aim to:

  • Ensure that every child possesses key fluency skills to enhance their self-confidence and enjoyment of mathematics in order to develop their understanding of the world. 
  • Develop pupils’ reasoning skills using precise mathematical vocabulary
  • Build pupils’ understanding through applying their skills to problem-solving activities and real-life links.


Below is the overview of the mathematics curriculum, where you can find both the mathematical content and the skills progression.

Here is a selection of songs with links designed to help pupils consistently master their times tables in a fun and engaging manner. Additionally, I've provided a link to the Supermovers songs, which offer an active and dynamic approach to reinforce table knowledge. These resources will greatly aid in the effective learning of multiplication tables.

Useful websites for Pupils and Parents/Carers

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