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Within Languages learning at Sandy Hill Academy, we aim to: 


  • We aim to build upon languages using the 3 pillars (vocabulary, grammar and phonics) to provide the foundation for learning further languages and their next stage of education.
  • Deepen children’s curiosity and understanding of the world through developing an appreciation for other Spanish speaking cultures.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2
We have enjoyed learning Spanish greetings this term during Languages Day in EYFS and Key Stage 1. We have practised using these outside of our lessons when answering our names for the register and greeting other members of our class. We also learned where Spain was in Europe, local foods and dance.
"In the afternoon I say 'Buenos tardes.' to my teacher for the register" Year 2, age 6.
"I have learned to say 'hello' in Spanish. It is 'Hola.'" Year 1, age 5.
In Key Stage 2, we are learning about meetings and greetings and our body in Spanish this term. 
We really enjoyed our Languages Day learning Spanish!
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