Our Houses

We have four House teams that are represented by four colours.
Each child is allocated into a house team, siblings are always in the same house.
All school staff are part of a house team too.
Parents also have chance to represent their house team at events over the academic year. 
House points are gained for: achieving our school values, demonstrating the Sandy Hill STARS as well as academic and active achievements. 
On a Friday, house points are counted up and an ongoing total is recorded on the school website. In class on a Friday, all of the house points are mixed together. A house point is pulled out at random to win a prize. 
EYFS will be learning our school rules
KS1 this half term will focus on the STARS but in particular: Self-Motivation 
KS2 will be focusing on the planet values: Honesty, Fairness, Decision-making and Curiosity.
Children who demonstrate these will be rewarded with house points