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Sandy Hill Nursery

At Sandy Hill Nursery we are proud to provide high-quality school-based provision in a caring and stimulating learning environment. We provide Nursery sessions for children aged 3-4 years.

We are proud to offer effective school-based provision at Sandy Hill Nursery. School-based provision includes a more structured approach to teaching Phonics, Maths and Topic related knowledge and understanding. Our provision and learning environment is planned for effectively to ensure that the children can experience the best quality pre-school learning in order to promote school readiness.

We offer an option of 5 morning or 5 afternoon sessions to maximise your child’s opportunity to learn in a playful school-based learning environment. We welcome new children into our Nursery twice a year with an intake in September and another in January. Attending a school-based Nursery bridges the gap between a pre-school setting and school and has been proven to aid smoother transitions and better outcomes for pupils.

Our Nursery staff are dedicated to supporting children to reach their full potential and to become independent learners.

Here are some photos capturing the children in Nursery busy learning through play...
To see more of what we have been learning about in Nursery so far this year, click on the 'Class Pages' tab and select Nursery - Acorn Class to see more photos and videos capturing our learning and development!
Sandy Hill Nursery Staff
Miss Polmounter

Nursery Teacher

Miss Polmounter is the Nursery Class Teacher this year. Miss Polmounter is a qualified Primary School Teacher with a specialism in Early Years. This is her second year of teaching at Sandy Hill Academy and last year she was one of our Reception Class Teachers working alongside our Early Years Lead Mrs Evans. Miss Polmounter takes pride and care in her planning of learning and provision to ensure that the needs of all the children within her care are met effectively therefore, enabling all children the opportunities to succeed. Miss Polmounter is thoroughly enjoying the role of our Nursery Teacher this year and she is very much looking forward to welcoming new children into our Nursery in the future.

Our Learning Environment
At Sandy Hill Academy Nursery our learning environment is planned to provide high-quality provision accessible to all children. We have recently updated our Nursery environment to ensure that it offers successful opportunities to enhance play and learning across all the areas of the Early Years curriculum. We have found that this has worked extremely well as the children know where to find and access the resources they need in order to enhance and extend their learning through play. Everything in our Nursery environment is designed to help support the children develop the essential social and learning skills they need when entering more formal learning at a later stage. At Sandy Hill Nursery we consistently promote inquisitive minds and independent attitudes and have created a space in which children can thrive.
Nursery Tour...
Miss Polmounter has filmed a virtual tour of Sandy Hill Academy Nursery. This video will show you where you will arrive at our Nursery and where your child will be dropped off and collected. Miss Polmounter is very excited to be able to share the lovely Nursery environment.

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