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At Sandy Hill Academy, our vision is to provide children with opportunities to know that the world is full of wonders worth discovering. Through their growing knowledge and understanding of human geography, children gain an appreciation of life in other cultures.

Geography teaching motivates children to find out about the physical world and enables them to recognise the importance of sustainable development for the future of mankind.

Please see the document links at the end of this page to learn about the full Geography Curriculum at Sandy Hill Academy. 
In Nursery, Geography learning is found within the Understanding the World strand of the EYFS curriculum. During this Autumn term the children in Nursery have regularly been exploring our outside world. Here are some pictures capturing us exploring natural objects within our local Nursery garden environment...
"I can see lots of trees and houses." Nursery child, aged 3.
"I found an acorn that Squirrels like." Nursery child, aged 4.
In Reception, Geography is part of the 'Understanding the World' area of learning. Children are encouraged to explore the world around them using their senses. At Sandy Hill Academy, we provide enriching opportunities for children to explore natural materials and encourage children to be inquisitive about what they see, hear and feel. Through topic related learning children are immersed into creative and engaging play, sparked by interests and fascinations of the children. A lovely example of this was when we were learning about Christmas the children were intrigued about the North Pole so we took them on a virtual train ride so they could see the different landscape.  
"Our train took us to the North Pole -it's really cold there!" Reception Pupil, age 4. 
"I made a weather chart so I could see what the weather was like. It rained a lot and it was cloudy." Reception Pupil, age 5. 
Year 1
In Year 1, we have been learning about weather as part of our Seasonal Changes topic. We have learned about the different types of weather and how it can affect us as well as the seasonal weather patterns in the UK.
"I like Winter because Christmas is in Winter and you can build a snowman if it snows." Year 1 child, age 5.
"Greenland is a cold country so you have to pack warm clothes like a thick coat and a fluffy hat." Year 1 child, age 6.
Year 2
 In Year 2, as part of our topic on London, we learnt facts about key landmarks. We matched the name of the landmark to a picture and a key fact. Once we had done this we found the landmarks on a map of London.
"I have been to London. It is really busy and there are lots more buildings and people than in Cornwall." Year 2 pupil, age 6.
"I know the four capital cities. London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast." Year 2 pupil, age 6.
Year 3
 In Year 3, we began the year by revisiting identifying the worlds continents and oceans and locating Egypt on a world map. We looked more closely at North America - naming its countries and making comparisons with the UK. As part of our topic of Ancient Egypt we learnt about the importance of The River Nile. 
'Wow! North America is huge compared to the UK!' Year 3 child, aged 7.
'I would love to visit Egypt - it looks really interesting.' Year 3 child, aged 8. 
Year 4
 In Year 4, we began the year by plotting continents on a map of the world. We looked more closely at the UK, Italy (linking to our Romans topic) and South America. We used the atlases to compare the similarities and differences in size. 
We have also been studying the areas of Britain that the Romans invaded and looking at the spread of the Roman Empire.
"I was so shocked to find out just how much land the Romans invaded around the world!" - Year 4 child, aged 8.
Year 5
In Year 5, we have learnt all about different aspects of Geography. We have learnt about lines of latitude and longitude and about different topographical aspects of the UK. We have also learnt about how different countries celebrate Christmas!
"I loved learning all about the countries in different continents and comparing them to ours." Year 5 child, aged 10.
Year 6
 In Year 6, we have been learning all about the countries and major cities of Europe. We have used longitude and latitude to locate them as well as applying this to our WW2 topic, where we split the axis and allies.
'I have enjoyed learning about different countries and the cities within them.' Year 6 pupil.
Useful websites for Pupils and Parents/Carers 
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Below are skills progression maps for Geography at Sandy Hill Academy:

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