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‘Aspiring to achieve, determined to succeed’

In Design & Technology we aim to:

Provide our pupils with hands-on, creative experiences to support the development of a practical identity and a capability for innovation. The subject provides opportunity for collaboration, team working and communication – skills that are essential for future employment.

D&T gives children the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products. It is vital to nurture creativity and innovation through design, and by exploring the designed and made world in which we all live and work.

D&T provides pupils with opportunities to learn to deal with ambiguity; undertaking tasks without all the information necessary to complete them from the outset. Learning to cope with ambiguity is an important characteristic of a well-educated person. It will help to empower pupils and develop their self-confidence holistically.

  •        Develop a love of D&T and its ability to express creativity through the delivery of high quality teaching and learning.
  •        Develop pupils abilities to design, make and evaluate products.
  •        Provide hands-on practical opportunities for pupils to explore working with a range of materials and tools.
  •        Develop opportunities for pupils to gain a deeper understanding of cooking, nutrition and safety precautions.
  •        Further enhance social and emotional well being in all children.
  •        Provide opportunities for all children to experience team work, collaboration and communication skills.
  •        Provide pupils with opportunities to combine their design and making skills with knowledge and understanding they learn to create quality products.
  •        Achieve and exceed the expectations within the National Curriculum.
Please see the document links at the end of this page to learn about the full Design Technology Curriculum at Sandy Hill Academy.
In Nursery, Design Technology is part of the area of learning Expressive Arts and Design within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Design Technology resources and activities are available for all children to access during their play and 'Together Time' activities. Nursery pupils have enjoyed creating their own designs and models using a variety of resources such as Lego, play-dough, and textiles materials.
The Nursery pupils have recently enjoyed making their own Diya Lamps using salt dough as part of the topic Diwali. 
"I am squishing the dough to make my Diya lamp." Nursery child, aged 4.
"I have made a bridge out of Lego." Nursery child, aged 3.
In Reception, Design and Technology falls within the 'Expressive Arts and Design' area of learning. Children are taught different artistic methods and techniques and are provided with open ended resources for them to practice and experiment with during their free time. Children will be exposed to artists and their work and will use their work as a stimulus for their own masterpieces.
"I made an igloo. I had to balance the blocks so they didn't fall down." Reception pupil, age 4.
"This is a birthday cake for my friend!" Reception pupil, age 4. 
Year 1
In Year 1 we have created Christmas stockings. We learned how to thread a needle and how to sew a running stitch. To create our stocking, we went through the designing process before making our product and afterwards we evaluated our completed work. 
"I found the sewing fun and I got better and better at it." Year 1 pupil, age 6.
"The decorating was exciting because you got to choose from the different decorations and to make your own from the felt pieces too. I made a Christmas star." Year 1 pupil, age 6.
Year 2
In Year 2 this term we have designed and made our our puppets. We have stitched them together using running stitch and overcast stitch. 
' I thought I was not going to be very good at sewing, but I have really enjoyed it.' Year 2 pupil, aged 6
' I have never sewn before - I might ask my Mum or Dad to do some more at home.' Year 2 pupil, aged 7
Year 3
In Year 3, the children planned and designed cross-stitch wooden stars.  They worked hard to develop their cross-stitch skills and followed their pattern to to create their finished products. 
'I found it really hard when I first started and kept making mistakes but after practise I knew how to make the crosses without getting in a tangle', Year 3 child, aged 7. 
Year 4
In Year 4, we have been busy during the lead up to Christmas with sewing our Christmas decorations as part of our textiles topic in DT. We planned a simple design in our Art books explaining what materials we would use and researched similar products. 
Year 5
Year 5 have enjoyed developing their understanding of how to combine different materials using different stitches. We have made 3D felt Christmas decorations and also Christmas cards which include a moving mechanism.
"I have really enjoyed making my Christmas decoration and developing my stitching skills." Year 5 pupil, aged 10.
Year 6
Year 6 have been creating 3D baubles, using various stitching techniques and applying a seam allowance for a neat finish.
'I have enjoyed using a blanket stitch because it is stronger than a running stitch. We helped each other when we were stuck.' Year 6 pupil.
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The document below is an example of skills progression in Design Technology for the specific learning strand Textiles from Year 1 to Year 6.

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