Year 6 - Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class!

Mr Walker

Year 6 Teacher | KS2 Lead | Mathematics and PE Lead

Mrs Simpson


Mrs Kendall

Teaching Assistant

Well... what a term we have had in Oak class;  I'm not sure where that time has gone but it has certainly been  exciting (perhaps slightly busy!) Before we onto our next topic: 'Natural Disasters' - let's reminisce. 
Over the term we have really got to grips with our Topic, World War 2 - learning about the Blitz, D-Day, the Holocaust and evacuation. As well as learning about the various events of the war we have been studying the cities and countries of Europe. We have been astounded by the knowledge and recall.
The high levels of artistic skill and flair have been a joy to see - we can be very proud of the artworks we have created. This term we have worked hard on our drawing skills and applied techniques to different media. Computing has taught us how to develop positive online reputations, support others online, understand how media can shape gender identity and how to analyse a set of data. Next term we will apply our skills to new situations including looking at coding commands. 
In English we loved learning about Carrie and her evacuation to Wales - writing superb diary entries using: a wide range of punctuation, ambitious vocabulary and higher level conjunctions. The Invictus Poem inspired us to create our own 'battle against adversity' poems and we have enjoyed the Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe - innovating this magical story. In Guided reading, we have studied our book 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit' and learned about the US Presidency amongst other things and all the while developed our retrieval and inference skills.
We have had great fun investigating in Science lessons learning about the body: the heart and the circulatory system, the digestive system and the role of the organs - to name but a few. We have now moved onto Light and we are excited to investigate further!
In Maths, we have seen our arithmetic skills develop significantly, fine tune our place value knowledge, grapple with fractions and master the four operations. All of this learning we will be able to apply to future mathematical learning.
RSHE has taught us some very important life skills and we feel confident as a class how to respond to bullying amongst other things; we value difference and accept that everybody is unique.
PE has led to us improving significantly with our athletic skills however perhaps more importantly taught us some important life skills: encouragement, communication, integrity, imagination. We will continue to use these skills in the rest of our learning and in future life. In music, we have listened to and compared pieces of music from World War 2, appreciating the role they had at this difficult time as well as studying the history of music. 
I speak on behalf of all of the Year 6 team when I say that I cannot wait for the rest of the year to see how well we will continue to grow as learners and as people - everyday teaching you is an absolute pleasure!
Please see the gallery for a showcase of learning.
Mr Walker
Continuing our athletic development in PE (preparing for the long and triple jump)

World War 2 Artworks using a variety of media