Year 1- Holly Class and Chestnut Class

Welcome to Holly Class (Miss Bussandri) and Chestnut Class (Miss Brandreth). 
Miss Bussandri - Holly Class

Year 1 Class Teacher / Year 1 & 2 Lead/ Phonics Lead

Miss Brandreth - Chestnut Class

Year 1 Class Teacher/ RE Lead

Mrs James

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Needham

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Oldham

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Chapman

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Whetter

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cahill

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 1 Holly and Chestnut Classes. Miss Bussandri, Miss Brandreth and the Year 1 Team have planned an exciting Autumn term ahead for you! Our Autumn term topic will be 'Seasonal Changes.'
There will be lots of opportunities to make observations over time through our Science unit as we move from the end of Summer, into Autumn and then Winter.
We will also link our topic 'Seasonal Changes' to learning across the curriculum. The books for out Year 1 Reading Bookshelf have been carefully selected books to enrich our learning. In Geography we will be learning about weather and how seasonal changes affect the weather in the UK and locally. Elsewhere, we will be looking at different celebrations which occur during Autumn and Winter such as Bonfire Night and Christmas. In History, we will be exploring the Gunpowder Plot and learning about Guy Fawkes.    
In Year 1 we will support you to be the best you can be. By following the Sandy Hill STARS values you will be encouraged to demonstrate each of these values within lessons and will be rewarded for your efforts. Sandy Hill STARS learners are: Self-Motivated, Thinkers, Aspirational, Resilient and Supportive. Each and every one of you shine when learningand we love to see you shining brightly!

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