We remain open as a HUB school for keyworker childcare provision!

13.03.20 Science Week!

Reception really enjoyed science week this week! Here is a snapshot of what we got up to...
The children loved watching Miss Polmounter's entertaining Bubble Show as part of science week! The children then had a go at making their own bubble blowers using pipe cleaners to create their own bubbles outside!
The Evil Pea had trapped some fruit and vegetables in a box! Unfortunately, Supertato was unable to rescue them but the children used this as an opportunity to learn about and observe the changes that happen to fruit and vegetables over time.
Reception observed the changes that happened to the fruit and vegetables trapped in the box and they noticed that some changed colour, some turned mushy and they all went very smelly! 
Reception had great fun taking part in an interactive Shakespeare workshop this week. The children had the opportunity to learn about each of the characters in the Shakespeare play 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' through a variety of actions and body stances!
Here is a sneak peak of us starting to create our Mother's Day cards this week...