‘Aspiring to achieve, determined to succeed’


We aim to provide/promote pupils understanding of life and give them a sense of self-worth; playing a positive role within school and the wider community enabling them all too develop life-long skills.


Encouraging opportunities to learn about:

  • rights and responsibilities
  • allowing children to contribute to personal development, resilience, self-esteem and making choices and understand what influences their decisions               
  • by strengthening their identities through the understanding of differences and change
  • manage emotions and communicates constructively through a variety of settings allowing the pupil to develop an understanding and ability to work with others to form a positive relationship
  • preparing each pupil an understanding of life ahead
  • preparing them for their future


At Sandy Hill we use the Scarf scheme of work which stands for:


                                            Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship.


SCARF is a whole-school approach to promoting behaviour, safety, achievement and wellbeing – crucial for children to achieve their best, academically and socially.

Providing a strong, tangible framework; promoting positive ethos and values throughout all lessons encouraging all children to strive in achieving their best. It provides a healthy outlook towards life, promoting respect, caring attitudes and celebrates differences, providing a safe environment for children to be confident and successful learners.

In school we aim to deliver an intensive curriculum following six units of study - each unit is revisited each year to enable progression in skills, knowledge and understanding.

  • Me and My Relationship
  • Valuing Difference
  • Keeping Myself Safe
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Being My Best
  • Growing and Changing

By applying SCARF across all year groups ensures progression in knowledge, attitudes and values and skills; including the key skills of social and emotional learning, known to improve outcomes for children.


In Nursery we participate in circle time activities everyday to learn about each other and how to be good, kind friends. Recently we have been learning about similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends. It has been lovely for the children to have the opportunity to talk about their families and what they have in common with their friends in Nursery. 
"I brown eyes like my friend." Nursery child, aged 3"
"Me and my friend have a baby brother at home." Nursery child, aged 4.
Children are encouraged to be kind and supportive within the Early Years. In line with our behaviour scheme children are praised for treating others with respect and kindness. Weekly, the children have a taught session linked to a theme that they can explore and reflect upon. In addition to this we have 'Friendly Friday' activities where on a Friday afternoon children are encouraged to work with someone they may not always play with and complete an activity together where they have to share, take turns and support each other. The children are encouraged to think of positive attributes of their partner and will often make a simple gift as an appreciation of their friendship. 
"I know how to be a kind friend by being caring and sharing the toys." Reception, age 5. 
"We help our friends when they are feeling sad." Reception, age 4. 
Year 1
In Year 1, we have been exploring what means to be a good friend and make good choices. We have read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, which is one of our recommend reads, and made our own Rainbow Fish and wrote how we would be a good friend. We also explored emotions and played emotions charades.
"I will be a good friend by being nice to everyone." Year 1, age 5.
"I like to look after people and check that they are ok." Year 1, age 5. 
Year 2
Year 2 have been learning about feelings and relationships. We talked about recognising how others are feeling based on their facial expressions and how we can support others when they have negative feelings.
We also celebrated anti-bullying week by looking at the importance of being unique and special and why it is good to be different. We wore odd socks to school and designed our own pair.
"When my friends are feeling sad I ask them to play with me so that they smile again." Year 2 pupil, age 6.
Year 3
Year 3 have been learning about their responsibilities in relation to friendships and bullying.  We explored various scenarios through role-play and made suggestions as to how we could act responsibly. Year 3 have created a class promise to look after one another and be a kind friend. 
'I will always make sure I invite children who don't have a friend to join in with my game.' 
Year 3 child,age 7. 
'I will tell an adult if I see anyone being unkind.'   Year 3 child, age 8. 
Year 4
Year 5
In Year 5, we thoroughly enjoyed being part of Anti-Bullying week and participated in a virtual workshop ran by The Stay Safe Initiative. During this we learnt a lot about different types of bullying, how to identify and deal with it and how it might feel to be bullied.
"The toothpaste challenge really showed me how words cannot be taken back and how harmful name-calling can be." Year 5 pupil, aged 9.
Year 6
In RSHE, Year 6 have been learning about 'Me and My Relationships' and 'Valuing Difference' - we have collaborated in teams, learning to be positively assertive and understanding diversity/equality in the wider community. 
''I have enjoyed learning about bullying and how to stop it. I have also enjoyed writing a formal letter to Gavin Williamson MP about free school meals' Year 6 pupil
Wider Curriculum 
In year 6 the children enjoyed being part of a Virtual Science Busking workshop developing their teamwork skills. 
"We took turns exploring the different experiments."  Year 6 pupil, aged 10.
"It took a long time to create a Balloon Kebab but through lots of encouragement and determination we finally achieved a Kebab." Year 6 pupil, aged 11.
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