Promoting British Values


Mission Statement:

‘Aspiring to achieve, determined to succeed’



At Sandy Hill Academy, we aim to ensure that all children leave their Primary education well equipped with an understanding of our countries Fundamental Values. We encourage children to have the courage and confidence to question, challenge and form opinions on current news stories and societal issues as well as educating them about the history of our country. We believe that they are the voices of the future and it is our responsibility, as educators, to provide them with the knowledge, skills and sense of self-worth to make positive changes for the future.

British Values Expectations:

Each year at Sandy Hill Academy, Fundamental British Values are taught implicitly and explicitly through the delivery of the Primary Curriculum. Notably, through RSHE lessons, children will be given the tools and knowledge to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence. Children are given opportunities to take part in a democracy through the process of electing school parliament and eco council representatives at the start of each academic year where they are taught about how democracy and laws work in Britain compared to other countries around the world. Children at Sandy Hill Academy develop their leadership and team- work skills daily, across the curriculum and are encouraged to celebrate peoples differences.


School Parliament
Through the school council as its been named over many years, it has been decided to make the move to rename the council as ‘School Parliament’ to fit in closely with the ‘British Values’. Democracy is demonstrated from the outset as members are elected with fairness and respect through their manifestos put towards other class members in a voting system. When school parliament members have been elected it is through discussions that they will then take their ministry roles. The parliament ensures that they consistently relate to our school strapline ‘Aspiring to achieve, determined to succeed’. The parliament develops and demonstrates the skills and attitudes needed to ensure that they can make a positive impact on their own lives and others’ in modern Britain with a sense of community with our projects throughout the year.
Eco Council
At Sandy Hill Academy we highlight our commitment to ‘British Values’ through our passionate Eco Council. Democracy was demonstrated before the Eco Council even began their dedication to promoting an environmentally friendly school and learning environment as the members were elected with fairness and respect. Since being elected as Eco Council members, we have valued our responsibility to respect our school and local environment. We ensure that we consistently relate to our school strapline ‘Aspiring to achieve, determined to succeed’ to enhance and accomplish our Eco Council aims. As Eco Council members we develop and demonstrate the skills and attitudes needed to ensure that we participate fully in and contribute positively to our own and others’ lives in modern Britain. We celebrate diversity making us part of a stronger community to promote the appreciation of the world in which we live.
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