We remain open as a HUB school for keyworker childcare provision!

Introduction to PE and Sport at Sandy

How does it apply to PE and Sport?
S elf Motivated
having the desire to improve fitness as well as personal and team performance
T hinker
finding ways to improve personal and team performance in order to outplay an opponent
A spirational
having the desire to achieve personal bests and to lead healthy and active lifestyles
R esilient
learnng from mistakes, defeats and poor performances to come back stronger in the future
S upportive
helping others to improve their fitness as well personal and team performance

Our vision for PE and Sport at Sandy Hill Academy is that there is:

  • High quality teaching and learning across the school in all sports and physical activities
  • Children that have a good understanding of health and fitness and strive to improve this
  • Larger numbers of children take part in extra-curricular sports clubs, intra-school competition and in representing the school at festivals, matches and performances
  • Children that have experiences of a wider range of physical activities
  • Children who not only play but coach and lead physical activities or sports