*MFL 2020-21

MFL at Sandy Hill plays a key role in the future development of global citizens.

At Sandy Hill, we aim to:

*Give children a positive, enthusiastic attitude to MFL learning

*Develop the confidence and ability to communicate using the French language

*Learn about some of the cultural aspects of France and develop awareness of cultural differences in other Francophile countries and the wider world

*Enable children to make effective links with other languages

*Stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about languages and their development

*Encourage children to be aware that language has structure, and that the structure differs from one language to another.

Please see the document links at the end of this page to learn about the full Mathematics curriculum at Sandy Hill Academy.
In Nursery our languages learning begins with us learning how to use Makaton signs to communicate. The children love participating in our regular Makaton sessions. 
"I can sign hello!" Nursery child, aged 3.
"I like doing Makaton with my friends." Nursery child, aged 4
In Reception, we have begun learning different greetings so that we can answer the register in French and Spanish. We also love participating in sing and sign sessions where we practise Makaton. 
"I love it when we answer the register in French or Spanish! We say bonjour or hola!" Reception, age 5. 
"We learn songs in Makaton. I like singing." Reception, age 4. 
Year 1
We have enjoyed learning Spanish greeting this term. We have practised using these outside of our lessons when answering our names for the register and greeting other members of our class. 
"In the afternoon I say 'Buenos tardes.' to my teacher for the register" Year 1, age 5.
"I have learned to say 'hello' in Spanish. It is 'Hola.'" Year 1, age 5.
Year 2
Year 2 have been learning greetings in Spanish. We are excited to be able to say hello and to introduce ourselves in another language.
"I really like practising speaking Spanish with my friends at playtime." Year 2 pupil, age 7.
Year 3
In Year 3, the children have been learning to greet one another in French.  We are able to say hello at different times of the day and exchange names with our friends.  We applied this learning into creating a French comic strip. 
'I can't wait to surprise my Mum later when I say good-night in French.' Year 3 child age 8. 
'I need to practise saying some of the words in French.' Year 3 child, age 7. 
Year 4
In Year 4, we have enjoyed starting to learn French and particularly enjoy speaking with a French accent. The children are starting to understand cognates and near cognates. 
Year 5
In Year 5, we have learnt about different greetings in French and if they are formal or informal. We have also enjoyed practicing our skills in our developing conversations in French with our peers.
"I have learnt how to introduce myself and how to ask someone their name in French." Year 5 pupil, aged 9.
Year 6
In Year 6, they have been learning their first year of French curriculum learning how to greet each other and have short simple conversations - asking how someone is and how to reply."
'I have become really confident with asking how someone is in French and how to respond.' Year 6 pupil
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