English Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Expectations in the National Curriculum

Below is a link to the National Curriculum Appendix 1 which relates to spelling. The teaching of spelling patterns is taught progressively throughout each Year group and Key Stage. The teaching of specific spellings also services to support vocabulary development.
In Key Stage One a spelling overview is given at the beginning of each term. These spellings are linked to the Appendix 1 spelling list and the teaching of Letters and Sounds. The children receive a weekly spelling sheet to practice at school and one is also taken home. The children use the: look, cover, write, check approach to spelling through rainbow, dot, shape and pencil writing.
In Reception, the children are provided weekly opportunities to practice and develop their letter formation during the first half of the Spring Term. They will then be tested weekly on their letter and number formation. Through the second half of the Spring Term, the children's writing is developed further by focusing the spelling of simple decodable words.

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