Delaware camp 2017

Welcome to Year 5's blog all about our  3 day residential trip to Delaware. All the writing has been completed by the children and we really hope you enjoy it as much as we have had making it. 
Day 1- Arriving, briefing session and going to our rooms.
When we arrived, our first job was to unpack the bus. A fun job until we realised we had a steep hill to climb!!! It was ok though because we all worked as a team, so it didn't take us long to unload.
Next, we sat down and listened to Phil, one of our instructors, who gave us all the information we needed for our stay.
Going to our rooms was really interesting because we got to see where we were going to sleep for the next few days. We had time to unpack and get ready for our first activity.
Charlie B & Erin
When we arrived we sorted out our rooms then we went outside with our packed lunches. I had a banana, sausage roll, a yoghurt and some crisps. Yummy!!
We found the places where we would do archery and rock climbing.
Day 1- Activity 1- Canoeing.
We left Delaware at 1pm on the mini buses, one bus carried 8 canoes whilst the other only had 2. It took about 15 minutes to get to the lake. We untied the canoes, then in groups of 10, we carried the canoes down to the lake (they were really heavy).  We had to make two trips, which made us really tired.  Dave, another instructor, gave us a briefing session on how to row and steer.
Catherine Wheel.
We connected all the canoes together to create a Catherine wheel. The instructors said they hadn't had enough boats on the water to do this for 3 years!  The Year 5's who were in the boats on each end used their new skills to row in different directions, which made us spin around.
Stuck in the mud.
Stuck in the mud was great fun because the 2 instructors ( Paul & Phil) were 'it'. Everyone else had to escape Paul & Phil.  If the end of our boats were tapped by Phil or Paul we were stuck. However, any boat who wasn't stuck could unstick the other boats, by doing the same action. Riley, Sol, Ben L & Liam's canoe capsized trying to unstick another boat. It was very funny
Out of the boat fun.
Dave set up a canoe that was upside down, turning it into a slide. We all had a go, some people jumped off, front flipped and slid down backwards. Dave pushed some of us down too which made huge splashes. We all agreed this was the best bit of the day.
Ben l, Sol, Jess R, Brooke & Riley
Day 1- Room inspections & Evening Activities.
When we got back from canoeing we had some time to get ready for our ROOM INSPECTIONS!  The orange room scored 8 the first time, yellow room scored 7 with some fabulous feedback. The red room scored 5 but quickly improved. The boys in the green room scored 7, and finally, the blue room scored 4. Over the 3 days, everyone improved massively.
The dinner menu on day 1 was chicken & wedges or spaghetti bolognese, the vegetarian option was cheese & onion pasty. Pudding was doughnuts, and the drink options were orange, lemon or water.  It was yummy.  After dinner we all helped clean up.  It was a blast and we all loved it.
Lucy & Kerra
After tea time we went outside to take part in a range of activities. They were:
  • Football
  • Tri golf
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Bowls
  • Rugby
We had 10 minutes on each activity and then rotated. We had lots of fun and experienced playing all the different games.  We then packed away and got out the cones so we could play 'tennis rounders'. When it was nearly the end of the second round, Sol hit the ball so hard that it got lost in the hedge. Silly Sol.
Teagan & Liam
To end our first day at Delaware we enjoyed some hot chocolate before bed, along with an alphabet quiz. It was a lovely end to what had been a very busy day indeed.
Day 2 Breakfast & Room Inspections
On day 2 we woke up to a magnificent fry up for our breakfast and then we had another ROOM INSPECTION! to prepare for. All the groups did really well, the yellow room scored 9.5, the red room scored 8.5, the orange room scored 9.8. The green room also scored 9.5 and the blues an impressive 8. A tie on the room inspection. Well done yellow and greens.
Genevieve & Bethany
Day 2- Archery
When we got to the archery range we all sat down in the shelter and listened to the rules of archery and got put into groups. We went up to the shooting line in our groups and started using different bows and arrows. Once we finished using the 3 arrows, we then put the bows down and gave our scores to Mrs Coe. The next group came up and we repeated that until our 5 minute break.  Next, we went in to the rear field and got different arrows which had feathers at the back and a black bung tip. We all shot at the same time and went and collected them when it was safe.  Then we came back to the archery range and tried to pop all the balloons on the targets by firing arrows at them.
Hollie & Tyler
Archery was amazing because we got to play lots of fun games like bake a cake and balloon popping. We did it in the garden, where we sat on a long bench with a roof over the top. It was amazing because we had an excellent instructor, who was awesome at hitting the target.
Jess T & Tristan
Day 2 - Lunch
We had a choice of sandwiches:
  • Ham Sandwiches
  • Ham Salad Sandwiches
  • Cheese Sandwiches
  • Cheese Salad Sandwiches
  • Tuna Mayo Sandwiches
With our sandwiches we had crisps, biscuits and a juicy apple, We all sat outside on the benches, listening to the birds tweet.  Luckily, Charlie B, Brooke and Teagan made some lovely sandwiches.  What great helpers we have!
After we had lunch it gave me an extra boost for the next activity. My favourite part about lunch was being able to sit down outside with everyone outside enjoying our time at Delaware.
Summer & Molly
Day 2 - Gorge Walking
On Tuesday we went gorge walking, it took around 30 minutes to get there on the minibus. When we arrived, we went in the river. It was a challenge walking up the river because the current was quite strong. When we finished walking, we were able to play on the naturally made slides, which was really fun because when you land you go under the water. After that, we went under a small waterfall then we floated down the river to find more slides. Afer a couple of hours, it was time to get out and head back to Delaware on the minibus.
Toby & Charlie R
On this very busy Tuesday, we walked down the river, at one point our instructors Paul & Chris said to lay back and float along, it was fantastic!  We slid down mini waterfalls and climbed in & out of the water so that we could climb the rocks. It was really good and we all enjoyed it, except for being freezing on the way back on the mini bus. But anyway, both teams loved it. None of us knew what gorge walking was but now we do. Finally a great well done to Miss O'Brien & Mrs Rundle for jumping in and sliding down into the water.
None of us knew what gorge walking was but now we do. Finally, a great well done to Miss O'Brien & Mrs Rundle for jumping in and sliding down into the water.
Kerra & Lucy
First, we were sized up for our wetsuits. Putting on the wetsuits was the challenging part, but it was fun. As we sat on the bus we excitedly talked about what the next activity would bring. When we got there we walked up a rocky path and climbed down a steep hill, we had to climb over logs and stumble over rocks until we reached the crystal clear river. It was freezing at first, but as we walked further up stream it warmed up. Ashlee slipped on numerous rocks and friends around her laughed and she did too.  After 10 minutes of happily trudging upstream,  with Liam, Ben L & Sol leading the way with our instructor Paul, we discovered a natural pool and slide. We took it in turns to climb up some rocks, scramble under a cave and then we whooshed down a smooth rock that we used as the slide. One at a time Paul & Chris let us fall backwards into the water as the current pulled us backwards into a spacious pool. A shout out to Jess R who got her leg stuck in a pile of rocks but she was ok and kept laughing, and had a fine bruise by the end. Well done to everyone who took part with this activity.
Ashlee & Rebecca
Day 2- Room inspections & Teatime.
Our 3rd and final ROOM INSPECTION was intense. We all worked really hard to improve our scores from the last inspection. Green room scored 8.5, Yellow got 8, Blue a satisfying 9 followed by another 9 for the red room. The winners of the final room inspection were the Orange room who scored an amazing 10!! After room inspections we had tea, it was delicious. We had pizza or fish fingers and chips, for dessert we had caramel shortbread. Personally, I really enjoyed it and I think everyone else did too.
Charlie B & Erin
Day 2 - Evening Activities.
We went out into the field again, but after about 10 minutes it started raining, so we headed back inside to do our evening activities.
Talent show
  • Hollie & Genevieve
  • Erin & Kerra
  • Taylor, Lucy, Teagan, Jess R & Kierra
  • Liam
What they did:
  • Holly & Genevieve did a puppet act. Genevieve as the puppet and Hollie as the puppet master.
  • Erin & Kerra did a dance that was really good.
  • Taylor, Lucy, Teagan, Jess R & Kierra sang a song called the cup song.
  • Liam did a comedy act that was very funny.    
Everyone laughed at Liam :) 
Quiz Time.
In the quiz, we had picture clues to answer. In our room groups, we answered a range of questions, about famous people and well-known landmarks.
Some of the famous people were Ed Sheeran and Rag & Bone man, we struggled with the last 2 pictures though, some suggested Princess Charlotte or Prince Harry, but they were in fact, Miss O'Brien & Mrs Coe!
Movie Night.
After the quiz we put on our Pyjamas and headed back to the common room. We had a vote on which film to watch, we voted for 'Hotel for Dogs'.  It was a really good film and we got to eat popcorn and spend lots of time with our friends.
Genevieve & Bethany
Day 3 - Breakfast & Packing.
Miss O'Brien woke us all up and we started to pack our bags to go home. We left out our toiletries, clothes for the day, waterproof coat and a bottle. Then we went into the common room for breakfast. There was:
  • Cereal
  • Toast
  • Croissants
  • Pain au chocolat
  • Yoghurts
  • Juicy fruit
  • Teacakes
When we had all finished we went to clean our teeth and finished packing our remaining belongings. We had to take all our bags out of the room so that the next group could arrive a few hours later.
Teagan & Liam
Day 3 - Rock climbing.
Rock climbing was awesome!  We got to do an overhang and climb up straight to the top of the building, it was good fun, but scary. We put all our trust in the instructors and it was a really great adventure.
Jess T & Tristan
When we got to the barn, some of the us were feeling a little shaky but throughout the morning we got to find our feet a bit more. Before we started climbing, we had to put our harness on and we got to learn how to do it.  
There was an overhanging area which we struggled on. Once we got to the top of the over hang area there was a platform which we had to stand on.  Next, we had to lean back to get back down. There were all these different walls which were quite challenging, but I feel that the overhang wall was the hardest, but we did it!  We had another great morning and we were gutted that it wasn't on all day. All the instructors made sure we were safe during the whole time of climbing.
Hollie & Tyler
Day 3 - Lunchtime & Leaving.
For lunch, we were able to use the outdoor classroom, as the next group had arrived for their stay at Delaware, so we couldn't use the common room. We had sandwiches made by Molly, Rebecca & Genevieve, they were very nice. We had the same options as Tuesday and Miss O'Brien and Mrs Coe had laid it all out on the tables so that it was ready for us when we arrived.  It was exciting to use this new area, even if it was for just a short time.
After our delicious lunch, we packed up the coach and headed back to school. Our Delaware adventure had come to an end. We all enjoyed ourselves and some of us even had a snooze on the coach home.
It was EPIC!
Brooke, Riley & Jess R
We were all very proud of ourselves for achieving so many new things over the past few days and we were happy to receive lots of impressive comments from our instructors.  Dave said, "You have set the bar high for the next SandyHill class to visit Delaware, Well done."