24.01.2020 Dancing and classifying

This week has been very creative. We have listened to Saint-Saens' 'The Carnival of the Animals' in music and in PE we used our lesson on curls and stretches to create a dance to 'The Swan' movement. Children came up with movements and great adjectives to describe how the swan moves. Majestically and gracefully.
In Science we have used a Venn Diagram to organise animals in to the following groups: carnivore, omnivore and herbivore. We had a great debate as to where the animals stood on the diagram. There was lots of great scientific thinking shared.
There has been lots of excitement building this week as children prepare to make cheese sandwiches as part of their PSHE lesson on Life Goals. They set themselves the goal of making a cheese sandwich last week and created their own instructions to follow this week. I am pleased to say everyone achieved their goal and enjoyed munching them down at the end.