20.04.18 Summer starts here!

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had an amazing Easter break and are refreshed and ready for the Summer Term, we certainly are! 
We have lots to do this term, from Year 2 SATs to Year 1 phonics tests but also combined with some super days such as sports day! We cannot wait!
This week started with a fantastic and informative assembly from the RNLI, hopefully ready for lots of sun and beach weather! 
It was great to learn all about beach safety and what the RNLI do in and around the shores of Cornwall to keep us safe when we are at the seaside.
We learnt all about the different flags on the beach and what they mean, we even took part in a pretend rescue to show us what to do in an emergency. Let’s just hope for the weather that will allow us to head to the beach!
In maths we have begun our new topic which is measures. We have already had fun measuring using non-satandrads units and standard units nd discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both. We have also been reading scales and working out different measurements of temperature, weight and capacity. 
In ICT we have been combining our Art skills with our ability to use a program to achieve an outcome. This week we have started using a new app called Doodle Buddy. We have also been learning about Pointillism. We began by learning how to change brush sizes and colour in an app and then using this to create a perfect pixel pointillism picture. It was great to work with a different partner and to use our new skills together.