World Book Day 2018 (9.3.18)

What an exciting week starting with St. Piran's Day and ending with a belated World Book Day. We completed lots of learning in between. In Science this week we continued exploring the properties of different materials. We learnt all about recycling and it's importance for the environment.
World Book Day was celebrated in class in a number of ways. We began the day with a special assembly. We were proud to have one of the overall winners for dressing up in our class. We then were lucky enough to have a visit from a local illustrator-Mr Walker senior. He spoke to the class about a book he had illustrated for a teacher at Carclaze. Mr Walker told us all about how he began drawing and then read the story 'Small Tricks.' Mr Walker discussed the moral of the story before a question and answer session. We all found it extremely interesting and informative. Later we attempted to draw our own monkey pictures just like Mr Walker had. As it was international woman's day we shared the story I Am Not Sleepy And Will Not Go To Bed by Lauren Child. In this book Lola delays her bedtime by thinking of lots of different excuses of why she can't complete each of her bedtime routines. We then thought of some new ideas for Lola and wrote them in our English books. As well as all of this we visited Reception class and completed some paired reading. We can't wait until next year! 
  • World Book Day tokens need to be used by 25th March. We are also making a display in school linked to reading. Your child may add to this by bringing in a photo of them reading to someone e.g. Gran, pet, friend, Mum etc. Please make sure there name and Year group is in the back so that all photos can get returned at the end of the year.
  • Monday 12th March is FOSHA cake competition. All clubs are cancelled on this day with the exception of Medieval Club which will still be run by GoActive.
  • Monday 19th March is the hand in date for homework projects.
  • Thursday 22nd March is our trip to Pendennis Castle-please return all consent forms asap.
  • Thursday 29th March is the last day of term. Early finish 2pm.
  • Monday 16th April is the first day of summer term.