Winter is on its way (17.11.17)

This week we read and discussed the story 'One Snowy Night' from the Percy the Park Keeper. We read part of the story and then stopped. We had to predict who we thought would be the next animal to knock on Percy's door. We worked with a partner to discuss our predictions. As a class we made a popplet sharing all of our ideas. 
On Tuesday we wrote about who our chosen animal came to be at Percy's door and how Percy reacted when he opened the door. On Thursday we discussed what a setting was. We explored two different settings and sorted words to match the settings. We used a glossary to explore the meaning of new words. We then were able to 'magpie' new vocabulary when writing about the two settings in the story 'One Snowy Night.'
In Maths we used our knowledge of number bonds to solve a variety of addition problems. 
On Friday we played a dice game with a partner. We had to roll three dice and add the total. We then coloured the total on our game grid. The person with the most amount of squares coloured by the end of the game was the winner. This game helped us with our mental calculations and to spot pairs of numbers which were easy to add.
We made snowflakes for our hall display in Art this week.
On Friday we helped to raise money for Children in Need at Sandy Hill Academy by wearing either spotty or brightly coloured clothing. Thank you for all of your generous donations. 
On Saturday Sandy Hill Academy participated in the St. Austell Torchlight Carnival. It was great to see so many of our pupils, parents and careers participating in the event and watching from within the crowds. Thank you one and all!
  • Tuesday 28th November 8:30-9:00am the school photographers will be in to take any photos with siblings who were missed/absent from school on the original day.
  • Please ensure your child's Nativity costume is sent in by Friday 24th in a clearly labelled carrier bag. 
  • We will begin rehearsals from Monday 20th November-please begin practising your child's Nativity lines with them. If you have any questions or your child has lost their script please do not hesitate to see Miss Bussandri.
  • Your child has been sent home a letter about purchasing Nativity performance tickets. Each family has been allocated 2 tickets. The performances are on Monday 18th December 1:30pm and Tuesday 19th December 9:30am.
  • Friday 20th December school finishes at 2pm. This will be Christmas lunch and Christmas jumper day.