Topic 2018-2019

Each new term at Sandy Hill is especially exciting as every year group is introduced to their new 'Topic'.  Topic related learning links specifically to History and Geography, however, we adopt a cross-curricular approach so that children gain a deep understanding of their topic through other subjects including; English, Art, Music, DT and many more.  
Take a look at some of this terms fantastic learning.  
Ed Rowe (Kernow King) and his fellow actors performing the play ‘The Cornish Caretakers’ for our KS2 children.  The performance was outstanding, and the children were able to view some Cornish artefacts and learn about some incredible Cornish people from history. 
Year 6 learning about WW2 vehicles in Art and DT. 
Year 3's new topic is 'Rivers and Oceans'.  They have really enjoyed creating these Pointillism river paintings in the style of the French artist 'Seurat'.