Super Science (16.3.18)

This week we have been busy completing a variety of Science based learning. We thoroughly enjoyed the experiments we completed. Our Year Two experiment was all to do with properties of materials. We tested a variety of materials to see which was the best as keeping a bottle of warm water warm (the best insulator). We found that bubble wrap was the best as the gaps enabled air to become trapped and prevented heat loss.
We also tested different liquids to see which would be the best at cleaning a penny. We put each penny in the same volume of liquid and waited for 5 minutes. The best liquid was soy sauce due to the acid inside it. 
Our final investigation involved testing the strength of paper. We investigated which column shape would be the strongest for a case toe turret-a cylinder, triangular prism or cuboid. The cylinder was the strongest as it has no verticies so the weight is evenly disrubuted around the circle. 
In Maths we continued learning about fractions.
  • Thursday 22nd March- Pendennis Castle trip.
  • Friday 23rd March- Sports Relief. Non-uniform wearing red and voluntary contribution.
  • Thursday 29th March- last day of term 2pm finish.
  • Monday 16th April- first day of term.