Summer 1 2017

What a great start to the Summer Term Science work!
It has been great to see lots of summer science work going on both inside and outside of school.
As well as this, our new science club (on Fridays) has started. This club provides the perfect opportunity for children to ask and investigate all of those puzzling science questions that we sometimes need a little extra time and space to investigate! We look forward to sharing some of there work with you!
In YrR/1 we have been studying plants and how they grow.
We began by finding out what we knew and then we had the opportunity to think of a question each that we hope to find out about.
Next we talked about what plants need to grow and we decided to set up an experiment to find out.
We asked three questions within the class:
Can a plant grow without soil?
Does a plant need water to grow?
Will a plant survive without sun?
We set up a control experiment and then we set up three other pots: one without water, one without soil and one without sunlight. We then made our predictions. We are looking  to forward to finding out what happens to them over the coming weeks!
In reception we have been looking at seeds and growing.
We all had the chance to plant some cress seeds. We talked about how and why things grow and we made predictions about how long we thought it would take for our cress to grow. We are looking forward to finding out!