Spring 1 2017

Welcome back & Happy New Year! 
We thought we would begin the year by sharing some of the fantastic Science that we have been up to around the school! 
Take a look!
Year 5 have been separating materials.
They looked at different mixtures and talked about ways they could separate the contents and then had a o to find out which way was best for each mixture.
Year 4 have been investigating properties of materials.
They talked about the differences of the particles that make up the different materials and even went outside to recreate what the inside of these materials would look like by becoming particles. They had to squeeze tightly together to become solid and then could float around quite happily as a gas!
Year 6 have been studying the heart and circulation.
They have done lots of amazing research to show how the heart functions and have also been looking at the impact of exercise on heart rate!
Wow! What a week of science around our school! There has been lots of question asking, hypothesising, researching, fair testing and best of all, experimenting.
Take a look!
In Reception they have been investigating colour using skittles and water!
They discussed the experiment and then set up a fair test before hypothesising about what might happen!
it was a really magical 'aw and wonder' moment as they poured the water into the dishes to test their ideas...
In Year 1/2 they have been testing materials and looking at lots of words to describe material properties.
They discussed lots of vocabulary and then they tested their materials before looking at what words they could use to describe their materials.
This week I have had the pleasure of taking a look around KS2 and seeing lots of Science lessons! I loved seeing what all the classes were up to! I managed to capture lots of children 'working scientifically'. It was great to see that in every class children were loving science, asking lots of questions, making predictions, supporting their hypothesis with their knowledge and understanding and testing out their ideas, just take a look!