Science Week 2017

Science Week 2017
WOW! What an amazing week!
This week at sandy has been all about science as we celebrated science week and what an amazing week we have had!
The aim of the week? To excite, engage and enable our children to be super scientists.
We started the week off by finding out about our scientist award challenge. Each year group had a scientist award to achieve by the end of the week. In order to achieve the award, each child had to complete six super scientific activities. The teachers in each class then planned some fantastic science learning opportunities to give each child the chance to experience as much exciting practical science as possible and they definitely did! As I walked around the classrooms I was amazed as I saw some of the most exciting  'awe and wonder' moments and children absolutely absorbed in their work, asking questions and devising experiments and investigations to find answers!
We then finished the week with a science celebration assembly where there was a special certificate and prize awarded to a special scientist in each class for their amazing work during the week.
Well done scientists - staff and pupils for an inspiring week! As one of the children said, 'science is like one big question that can turn into even more questions and you can choose which ones you want to try and answer, it's amazing, can we do more?'
Reception  Newton Award - Ruben Williams
Year 1 Edison award- Connor Rawlings
Year 2 Graham-Bell award - Poppy Tinnion
Year 3 Galileo award - Jack Walker
Year 4 Franklin award - Oceane Bickerstaff
Year 5 Fleming award - Brooke Barnecutt

A huge thank you to everyone for an amazing week!
In Reception they have been learning all about the Gingerbread Man so they carried out some fantastic investigations to try and help him!
They looked at floating and sinking in the hope that they could learn what materials they could use to make a boat for him to carry him across the river.
They are also looking at what happens to a gingerbread biscuit if it is put in water just in case he fancied swimming across the river instead of getting eaten!
In R/1 they have been investigating floating and sinking and what materials will float and sink. They found out that plasticine was one of the materials that sunk so Mrs.Matthews challenged them and the rest of the Year 1s to try and make a ball of plasticine float and only one person did it, well done Kyla Peters!
They have also carried out a skittles investigation to look at dissolving and a gummy bear experiment to look at absorption.
Finally they finished the week with a senses and tasting experiment using jelly! 
The children have been so excited about the science and this has been reflected in the quality of their work, well done!
What an amazing week!
In they have been investigating floating and sinking by selecting and testing different objects around the classroom to experiment with!
They have also enjoyed investigating what happens to a gummy bear when placed in different liquids. They made some excellent predictions based on what they know!
To finish the week they investigated their senses and how important they are when tasting food by carrying out a jelly tasting experiment.
What a super week, well done!
Year 3
In Year 3 they have been extremely busy carrying out some amazing investigations both inside and outside the classroom!
First the looked at the properties of materials and were challenged to build the strongest bridge out of 1 sheet of paper which sparked some fantastic discussions about how to make things strong!
Next they used some of this knowledge to investigate nests and what is needed to make an effective structure to protect eggs!
They also looked at forces - particularly gravity and they made some super spinners! They really enjoyed looking at how forces can effect the performance of a spinner and how to make the best one.
Well done Year 3!
Year 4
In Year 4 they have been some extremely curious scientists and have really enjoyed experiencing science all around us.
The investigating finger prints and how to link them to criminals by making their own fingerprints and looking at the patterns and similarities.
They also looked at forces and had lots of fun withe tumbling toast! What side would the toast land when it was dropped and why? 
To finish the week the looked at crafty rafts and materials and they had to use a limited amount of materials to construct the best raft with some fantastic results!
Brilliant work Year 4!
Year 5
Year 5 have also had a rather explosive week which really wowed the class and the infants as they carried out their experiments on the field!
They have made soap powered boats and looked into how it is possible to use liquids to create energy!
They have also been exploring the properties of a potato and even creating a circuit with them!
At the end of the week, they went out with a bang by doing some chemistry and chemical reactions by making some explosive lunchboxes!
What an exciting week! Well done Year 5!