Science 2018-2019

Welcome to the Sandy Science blog! 
Check out some of the fantastic science that is going on around the school!
Year 5 have been learning that mixing some materials can cause an irreversible change. 
Experiment: Mixing bicarb and vinegar and observing what happened to the balloon fixed onto the plastic bottle. 
Year 1 have been investigating light and how we see.
Experiment: Placing different colour bears in dark boxes and gradually opening the lids to see if we can see without light and then discussing what colours we see best when light is present.
Reception have been busy investigating light and also conducting experiments with different liquids and solids and making observations.
This week we have been celebrating Science Week at Sandy!
Our main topic has been Space so that we can celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Luna landing! To,mark the occasion in style we arranged for a Luna landing of our own in the form of a giant Spacelab! We have given each  class the chance to experience outer space in a very unique way! It has certainly been an experience to remember!
To celebrate national science week each class teacher planned a week of amazing science experiences. These have ranged from fantastic scientist factfiles to amazing extreme experiments. 
Take a look to see each class in action...
Year 1 have been investigating floating and sinking and discussing how things float and why they sink. They had great fun predicting which chocolates would float and which would sink and discussing why.
Year 1/2 have been investigating materials and designing parachutes for their spacemen to make the best lunar landing of their own!
Year 2 have been investigating materials, absorbency and colour mixing. The wanted to know whether they could make a space purple colour by dip dying.
Year 3 have been investigating forces by making rockets, they wanted to know which materials would make the longest flying rockets.
Year 4 have also been investigating forces by making their own rockets to find out whether shape and size affect how far a rocket will travel.
Year 5 have been learning all about the solar system and forces. They have designed and made balloon rockets to see which would travel the furthest alongside learning about Newton’s 3 laws of gravity! They have also been using what they have learnt to design and make their own planets and solar system!
Year 6 have also been learning about lunar landings and forces as they attempted to design devices to help their eggnauts make a safe lunar landing!