Science 2017/18

Happy New School Academic Year!
What a fantastic start it has been. In every class, we have begun all of lessons and new topics with enthusiasm and excitement.
Here is a snapshot of some of the learning that has already been happening in science across the school...
Gosh what a busy few weeks it has been! 
As always, the children have enjoyed lots of amazing science, take a look...
Reception - Light and shadows
Year 1 - Amazing bodies
Year 3 - Plant lifecycles 
It has been great to find out more about the science going on around the school!
All of the children are enjoying excellent experiments and experiences that are really making them question the world around them! 
Reception - Super plants
Nursery - Solids and liquids Humpty Dumpty style! 
Year 4 - Getting gassy!
Loving Science at Sandy!
I have received some more fantastic pictures to share!
Reception - Exploring Ice!
Year 6 - Natural disasters and explosive reactions!
Year 1 - Objects and Materials!
Year 3 - Investigating rocks
Great to see some exciting experiments happening all around the school!
Lots of children working scientifically!
Year 2 - Floating and sinking
Year 5 - Exploring the Earth, Sun and Moon.
Year 4 - Exploring and experimenting with Sound.
Year 1/2 - Senses experiment.
Combining ICT with Science!
Year 1 - Labelling Materials and exploring objects and the materials they are made of.
This weèk we have been celebrating Science Week! Each year group has embarked upon their quest to achieve their science certificate by completing 6 exciting science activities based on an allocated famous scientist. It has been great to get out and about and to experience some of the amazing science that has been going both inside and outside of the classroom, I have been blown away by the level of scienctific thinking going on and have found the creative buzz truely wonderful! Here are just a selection of pictures from each group to give you a sneak peek of what everybody has been up to!
Reception - Floating and sinking...
Year 1 - Material Absorbency...
Year 2 - Material Insulation...
Year 3 - Rockets...
Year 3 - Sustrans Electricity Workshop!
Year 5 - Material Shape & Strength...
Year 5 - Penrice Science Trip!
Year 5 - Boats...
Year 5 - Factfiles...
Year 6 - Light...
Year 6 - Sustrans Electricity Workshop!