Welcome to our Super Sandy Hill Science page!
This is going to be our new way of showing you all of the exciting things that we do in our Science lessons!
Reception Experiment!

CHILDREN worked in tables to decide which natural object would be the quickest to make a lunar landing - size, shape, length, were all given as examples.

Results fur cone 2.56 Seconds

big stick 1.40

long stick 1.63

stone 1.13 

Year R/1 Experiment
We investigated which cord material would be best! 
We found that the string and the wool were the best but that the performance of the pipe cleaners impressed us as well!
We decided that the lighter, softer and more moveable material was better!
I have also attached the age-related expectations so that you can see what you child will be learning as they make progress through the new curriculum.
In nursery this week, the adults have constructed a fantastic water wall for the children to explore and investigate! 
They have had so much learning fun!
"It's the best thing ive ever seen!" Ethan said.
"It's tricky to catch the water at the end because it goes so fast down the pipe," Jabez.
"The tennis ball goes faster than the squashy ball," William said.
"Half my water in this funnel and half in this one, which one will win?"