05.07.18 Beach combing masterpiece

In Reception we have been learning all about taking care of our beaches. We have spoken about how plastic in the environment can harm the wildlife and how important it is for everyone to dispose of their rubbish in the correct way. The children were keen to help care for our own local beaches and thought it would be good to pick up any plastic they found on their next trip to the beach. As a class project we asked if they could bring it in to show us what they had found. Over the next couple of weeks the children brought in their finds and we soon had quite a collection. We were surprised at some of the items that were found, especially the plastic shoe! Next we had to think of a good use for all of our plastic. Mrs Evans found some artists who collect plastic from beaches and used it to create amazing artwork. The children were excited to think that they might be able to create something similar. The children suggested ideas of what they could design and worked in groups with Mrs Evans to make their ideas come to life. We all think our finished masterpiece is amazing!