17.01.20 We made Gingerbread Men!

This week Reception were really excited as they found out that they were going to have a go at making their very own Gingerbread Men! Firstly, we explored the different ingredients we would need to make our Gingerbread Men.
Once we had explored the different ingredients we then had a go at making our Gingerbread Men using a variety of different baking skills that we learnt about, including sieving, mixing, rolling and cutting.  
Reception did an amazing job at making the Gingerbread Men and they all showed their knowledge and understanding of how to use cooking equipment effectively and safely.
Reception also used their Maths knowledge when making and decorating their Gingerbread Men. They used their knowledge of weight to help develop their understanding of measurement when baking. Reception also used their counting ability to help them count the amount of buttons and eyes they wanted on their Gingerbread Men.
The children also came up with some brilliant descriptive words whilst they were making and tasting their Gingerbread Men. Some examples of the words they came up with included; sticky, gooey, squishy, yummy, tasty and delicious!
We all thoroughly enjoyed tasting our Gingerbread Men at snack time!
Reception had a go at being scientists this week! We tested what would happen to Gingerbread Men if they were put into different liquids. We put a Gingerbread Man in oil, vinegar, water and milk to see what would happen. 
Reception found out that the Gingerbread Men put in water, vinegar and milk all went very soggy and mushy! However, the Gingerbread Man that was put in oil did not change at all! 
This week Reception also had the opportunity to explore a variety of musical instruments and the different sounds they made. 
The children in Reception really enjoyed learning about the different sounds the musical instruments made and loved having a go at making their own rhythms.