Year 1 have been looking at Christian symbols
The children recalled different symbols from Christian stories and celebarations. 
Sandy Hill Academy celebrating the Queen's Birthday this week. The children all made a crown as a homework project and wore it to school, there was a crown parade in assembly and Miss Bingham announced the grand winners for a special surprise. Nursery even made jewel cakes and had a tea party in honour of the Queen. 
Shrove Tuesday 
Early Years had great fun learning about Shrove Tuesday. We made pancakes and tasted different toppings, and even enjoyed some good old fashioned pancake flipping races!! 
Chinese New Year
Reception have been exploring the Chinese New Year Festival by listening to stories, role playing, dressing up and tasting food. Check out their beautiful blossom tree in the office area. 
Year 6 have been exploring Islam as their world religion this year. They have been finding out how muslim's pray and comparing this to the Christian faith. Check out these prayer mats and lanterns that they made during their art lessons. 
Year 5 have been exploring Judiasm this term. Have a look at their 3d Seder plate used during Passover. They have also been debating, acting and role playing to explore how and why Jewish people worship at home and in the synagogue. 
Early Years celebrated the customs and traditions of St.Pirans day by reading Cornish stories, making cream teas, playdough pasties, Cornish flags and wearing black and white clothes. 
Nursery Christmas Sing A Long