PSHE 2018-2019

We were fortunate enough to have a “Skipfit” workshop in school. Each class were taught how to skip and the benefits of it. The coach encouraged the children to keep on trying and try and improve their first score. He also spoke about healthy eating. At the end of the day there was a whole school assembly where the child that skipped the most went up for a head to head competition with the member of staff. Well done Mr Allen! Here are our winners and children selected for their hard work and perseverance to learn a new healthy skill.
Farm to Fork
Year 3 and 4 spent the day at Wadebridge Showground with hundreds of other local school children learning about the journey that meat, produce and plants make from the Farm to our forks. They participated in lots of activities and came back to school full of enthusiasm and sharing their new experiences.
Plastic Pollution
Year 3 have been exploring the curriculum through the topic of Plasic Pollution. They wrote their own speeches
and also looked at some significant people that had written ones.
Best in Show- Garden Produce, 6th April 2019
Well Done to all the children who had a go at growing their vegetables in the school garden. Mrs Coe kindly entered lots of our funny dressed up vegetables and onions in the recent show. We did very well and a special congratulations to Jowan for winning Best In show. 
100% attendance for the Spring Term 2019
Well Done to all the children that received their 100% attendance certificates during the Well Done assembly. There were over 70 children across the school that haven ‘t missed a day from school since the beginning of 2019. 
Christmas Lights turn on in St. Austell
Sandy Hill Year 6 children were invited to provide entertainment to shoppers during the first night of late night shopping. They did a fantastic job getting everybody into the Christmas mood. Well Done Sandy, you did our school proud!
Entrepreneurs in Year 6- craft to sell at the Christmas Fayre
Year 6 came up with the idea to make different “Christmas Pom Poms”for their table of craft to sell at the first Christmas School Fayre. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it to the afternoon because all the children loved them so much they were bought by the Year 6 themselves. What a brilliant idea and new skill they have learnt!!
Keeping fit at lunchtime
The children at Sandy Hill are really trying hard to keep fit and healthy. Since the ‘Skip to be Fit’ workshop visited us, skipping has really taken off. The children choose to skip at lunchtimes and break times. They encourage one another to beat their personal best, teach each other skipping songs as well as support and encourage others. 
Extra-Curricular Bike Club
many thanks to Miss Simpson who runs the Bike Club after school. She has taught lots of children how to be safe when riding, how to stop correctly, learn to watch for hazards as well as encouraging them to become more confident in their riding skills. Here are a few pictures of some of the more confident riders practicing going over different levels.
The bike club  will be representing Sandy Hill at a local festival in the new future. Good Luck to all the children and adults responsible. We can’t wait to hear about it and see some action shots.
Speech and Poetry festival at St.Johns
Congratulations to the brave children that performed at the Speech and Poetry festival 2018. The children did themselves proud whilst upon the stage in front of a big audience. They have spent months practicing their poems ensuring their pronounciation is clear and intonation is correct. Well done to all the children that took part.
Comic relief
Sandy Hill came together yet again to raise a whopping £550 for Comic relief. The school council met earlier in the year to discuss ways in which we could fundraise. They made posters and painted a big red nose to place coins onto. On the day, the children were superb hosts, helping to hand out hot chocolate and wash up the dirty cups. Mrs Chown organised for Cornwall Radio to come in and film our dancing. We actually made it to Spotlight!
St Pirans Day 5th March
The children took part in a morning assembly led by Mrs Jago. They learnt about who St Piran was and the importance of being from the Cornish Land and also how history has shaped our lives today. They were taught Cornish greetings, songs and participated in singing the well known anthem of Trawlawny. 
Children then dispersed off to the classrooms to complete flags, factsheets about St.Piran as well as eat scones and cream. At lunch the children ate Cornish Pasties and Finished off with Cornish Ice cream.