PE 2018-2019

Welcome to Sandy Hill's PE & Sport Blog.  Here you can keep
up-to-date with all things sporty happening in school, participate in activity challenges and find useful links to give ideas helping us all to lead an active and healthy life style. 
 The determination to learn new skills or win at a game.
Making links between movement skills and drawing upon prior knowledge to help.
The desire to be successful and beat your personal best.
 When faced with a difficulty or defeat, never giving up. 
Leading and coaching. Helping others through sharing expertise.
Personal Challenge
Staying active can help you to stay healthy and happy!  Would you like to become more active?
Set yourself a personal challenge for 2019 to become more active.  
Go-Active Sport Sessions
Children across the school are enjoying activity sessions provided by
'Go-Active'- including a range of alternative sports such as, street surfing, tchoukball or fencing.
We are active:
Staying Active During and After the School Day
Come and take part in a wide range of after-school clubs offering a wide range of activities or keep active at playtime! 
Netball club perfecting their team-work and game playing skills.
We had a great Skip 2B Fit launch day!
Did you know that a two minute continuous skip expends as much energy as a ten minute run?
Can you improve your technique to beat your personal best?
Get practicing in the playground and get that pulse racing!
In a matter of weeks, the development of our children's skipping skills is immense. Check out Matthew, Tegan and Kieran below. Kieran (wearing pink) admitted, "I only managed 28 skips in two minutes." Now, he can switch legs at great speed. 
We have a great time being active at playtime and lunchtime. We aim to achieve our 30 minutes active in school to help us towards one hour active a day.
Active fun with Mr Allen! We get to play lots of fun games with Mr Allen where we are constantly on the move and working as a team. We always aim to win but are good sportspeople if we don't. 
Play-time Games Club
Sports Competitions  
Sports Festival 
Children represented the school at a multi-skill sports festival held at Callywith College.  All children enjoyed the experience and participated with determination and skill. 
Reception Balanceability training. Balanceability is a succesful scheme in develop children's fundamental movement skills (ABCs) agility, balance and co-ordination. The skills the children develop allow them to ride bikes more confidently; the skills also transfer to other movement activities. 
Parachuting Fun in Year 6
Children had brilliant fun keeping active playing a variety of parachute games. 
Year 1 playing fun team games- Domes and Dishes warm up! 
Pivoting in Year 3 Netball to transition defence into attack at lightning speed (above.) Below, the children are putting their skills into action in competitive team games. 
Year 2 completed an exciting orienteering course around the school grounds. 
Active and competitive in Year 6 in a range of alternative and traditional sports.