What's going on in PE at Sandy?

Nursery have been perfecting their physical development through throwing and catching a large ball, rolling different sized balls and by playing special awareness games in the garden.
Reception class have been very active! They have been developing their key movement skills in their PE lessons with some very fun games.
Year 1/2
Year 1/2 showing how active they are with some creative dancing!
Year 3
What do you get if you mix a relay and an addition calculation? The answer- ACTIVE MATHS!
Year 3 have been dancing to some Egyptian themed music. We start every lesson off with some dynamic stretching and warm up activities.
We have tried to incorporate the 5 key parts of dance into our individual and paired motifs (Movement, Stillness, Jumping, Turning, Gesture.)
Year 4
Year 4 have taken their maths learning and turned it into an energetic experience. Mr Lockett introduced the class to an active game to develop their column method skills. 
Year 5
Year 5 have been creating some fantastic collaborative dance motifs in pairs and groups!
Year 6
Year 6 striving to work on their personal bests during athletics.