18.05.18 Fee FI Fo Fum, I smell a Royal and here I come.

Well another very busy week at nursery. We started with Jack and the beanstalk and what a journey that took us on. We made painted beanstalks, chalk beanstalks, sticking beanstalks, measured beanstalks, numbered our leaves on a beanstalk. We painted a water beanstalk on the path, jumped along a beanstalk and even stacked blocks bigger than our beanstalks and that still wasn't the end. We had three different stories of Jack and one of the stories the children loved as Jack didn't have a bath and when we met the giant he only ate sausages, the children rolled with laughter. Then the giant set us tasks every day otherwise he would climb down the bean stalk to come and talk to us.
Then there was the story change that the children invented. They decided they didn't like Jack being poor and having no food so they invented the giant pasty at the top of the beanstalk and each day Jack would go up and break a bit off until one day the pasty said,
"you can't eat me, I am running out so you will have to eat sausages as this is the Giants favourite food".
The children really enjoyed creating their new story and have drawn their own characters on white boards and created their pasty giant out of playdough.
After all that learning about different people and characters we turned our learning to communities and the children watched some news articles about real people. People that they will see on Saturday as its the royal wedding celebrations. The children explored all the adults photos of their weddings and they discovered that you can get married In a variety of ways. The children asked if they could get married so we set about planning our wedding. The children looked into weddings on the Internet, in stories and through photos. They made a list, 
a wedding dress, shiny boy coat,
a cake,
transport- car, horse and cart,
church or library venue,
music- wedding walk and party,
The children worked hard exploring old to the present day weddings and decided that they would have a wedding on Friday. We had a class vote on who would be in the wedding party and then Maddie collected the clothes and items on our list like the scarecrows wedding list. We prepared some songs to sing and then the day arrived.
We ended the week with lunch on the lawn. Wow what a super busy week we have had. Only 1 more week left, I wonder what's in store for us next week, could we see the evil pea back again or maybe more exciting fun with beans. 
Parents notice- 
Everybody should have had the dates letter for your diaries and now you should have signed up for your parent meeting. If you have not signed up please do this next week.
The weather is getting hotter so all children must come to school with sun cream on and should have a hat that is kept in school. Your child will need a water bottle everyday. 
We break up for the holidays this Friday and it is normal time. Your children have worked so hard this half term that they have deserved a treat so the children have requested an ice cream party for Friday.