Welcome to Nursery

At Sandy Hill Academy we recognise that children develop quickly in the early years. We aim to give children the best possible start to life, a secure foundation that their learning can be built upon. Children are born ready, able and eager to learn. We aim to promote their learning in our warm, caring and safe environment. At Sandy Hill we recognise that every child is unique. We aim to support and structure their learning so they are resilient, capable, confident and self assured. We encourage learning through the use of quality, stimulating and cultural resources within an enabling environment both inside and outside. We support children to develop positive relationships with each other, staff and the curriculum in order to become independent learners. We recognise the importance of a strong partnership between parents, carers and staff. It is an essential ingredient to a child’s success and we encourage parents to contribute to their children’s development by sharing their child’s learning diary and parent meetings.
Opening times
From September 2017 our nursery teaching sessions will be 8:30-11:30am and 12:30-3:30pm. 
Children are entitled to funded 15 hours a week within the nursery starting the term after their third birthday. Some working parents may be eligible for 30 hours of funding (please see the information link below). For children wishing to access the nursery beyond their funded hours we charge £4 per hour per child.
An application form for the nursery can be obtained from the Academies office. There is a waiting list for places in the nursery.
Applications for Sandy Hill Nursery received with the correct personal identification verification and parents National Insurance numbers to the school office from May 16th 2017 will be processed using Sandy Hill Nursery Admissions Arrangement Policy May 2017. 
Nursery places will be offered to children with a sibling already attending Sandy Hill Academy (Reception to Year 6) after the child’s third birthday when a space has become available.  Then places will be offered to children of staff. This criterion applies in the following circumstances: 
a) where the member of staff has a permanent contract and has been employed at the academy for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the academy is made, or 
b) the member of staff has a permanent contract and has been recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage*. 
*Such posts would usually include: 
Foundation Stage Early Years Specialists, SEND Co-ordinators and specialist teachers for Year 2 or Year 6. However, it is possible that individual academy Headteachers or Principals will add to these categories according to local circumstances. 
Children who do not have a sibling already attending the main school will be offered a place subsequently afterwards in birth date order. You will be notified by a confirmation letter asking you to select your preferred sessions and hours depending on the hours you are entitled to receive.  See guidance on 15 funded or 30 funded hours.
Admissions to Sandy Hill Academy School are applied online via Cornwall Council Website and having a place in Sandy Hill Nursery does not mean that you have secured a place in the main school.