Money, money, money (12.1.18)

This week in Maths we have been learning about money. We spent Maths lessons investigating the value of each coin and how best to calculate the total of a given amount. We began to solve problems to do with money such as: "Would you rather have 119p or £1?" When answering we had to explain the reason for our answer.
In English we began learning about the features of a castle. We labelled a castle, completed a comprehension activity about castles and became more familiar with the features of a non-fiction text. 
Can you point out the following features to a parent/career on the non-fiction text below?
  • contents page
  • heading
  • caption
  • label
Here are some of the things we could recall about castles from what we have learned so far.
In Science this week we began our new topic 'Materials.' To begin with we recorded all we knew about our new topic. Then we were put into groups and given a set of material picture cards and a set of properties words. As a group we had to match the materials to appropriate property word cards. We then discussed and shared which material we thought to be most useful,explaining our reason why.
In PE this week we worked with a sports coach from Plymouth Argyll on our hand eye coordination. We completed a variety of throwing and catching games which eventually built up to a game called 'End Zones' where we were placed in to two teams and had to try to get our ball to a team member who was stood inside a hoop waiting to catch it. If the team member who was inside the hoop caught the ball without dropping it our team earned one point. The main rules of the game were that if you caught the ball you could not run with it. Instead you had to pass it between your team members to get it to your required hoop. The person inside the hoop could not step outside of the hoop to catch the ball. If the ball went outside the court it was passed over to the other team. We all thoroughly enjoyed this game and we're working more as a team as the lesson neared its end. 
  • Monday 15th January-clubs begin this week.
  • Wednesday 17th January is the first Year Two swim. Please see the letter that went home for all information needed.