Mathematics Highlights!

Mathematics at Sandy Hill Academy
How does it apply to Mathematics?

S elf Motivated

having the desire to improve mathematical understanding 


T hinker

using my previous knowledge to help me connect ideas to solve a problem


A spirational

having the desire to learn new mathematical concepts and knowing how to apply to real life situations


R esilient

learning from mistakes and trying different approaches to overcome a mathematical problem


S upportive

helping others to improve their mathematical understanding by sharing mathematical thinking
Take a look at what Reception have been learning! George is counting to 10 and matching to numerals. Eddy made a stick of cubes and used 1:1 correspondence to count them. There were 69 cubes. He also made stairs with Cuisenaire. He started with 10 and realised at home he had 12. But after that, he carried the pattern on with consecutive steps, making his steps larger each time. Isabella has been creating a wonderful symmetrical pattern with the Cuisenaire. When it got too big, it fell but she was resilient and put it back together again!