Mathematics at Sandy Hill

mastery of mathematics:  a state of deep mathematical understanding which we strive for children to achieve. 
Please click here to see the steps in calculation at Sandy Hill Academy. It is important that we take these precise steps to ensure that children have a solid understanding of mathematical processes. 


In mathematics children at our school: 

1) Develop fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics through varied and sustained practice to develop procedural and conceptual understanding. 

2) Develop mathematical reasoning by identifying relationships and rules, and provide justification using mathematical language.

3) Develop problem solving skills by applying their mathematical understanding to a variety of situations.

4) Develop connections in their mathematical learning and can identify real life applications.

If you hear of a part part whole- what does it mean?
A part part whole is one of the mathematical diagrams we used to represent mathematics.
All you need to remember is:
1) Parts added together give you the whole
2) A whole minus a part gives you a missing part. 
A bar model? We didn't learn mathematics in that way in school? 
A bar model is another visual way of representing mathematics and understanding what is required in order to solve a problem. Here are a few ways that is implemented throughout our school.  
Watch the slides below to see the variation of bars