Mathematics at Sandy Hill
How does it apply to Mathematics?

elf Motivated

having the desire to improve mathematical understanding


T hinker

using my previous knowledge to help me connect ideas to solve a problem


A spirational

having the desire to learn new mathematical concepts and knowing how to apply to real life situations


R esilient

learning from mistakes and trying different approaches to overcome a mathematical problem


S upportive

helping others to improve their mathematical understanding by sharing mathematical thinking


In mathematics children at our school:

1) Develop fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics through varied and sustained practice to develop procedural and conceptual understanding.

2) Develop mathematical reasoning by identifying relationships and rules, and provide justification using mathematical language.

3) Develop problem solving skills by applying their mathematical understanding to a variety of situations.

4) Develop connections in their mathematical learning and can identify real life applications.

mastery... is a state of deep mathematical understanding which we strive for children to achieve
Outstanding websites to support mathematical development:
NRICH Maths    Full of problems to challenge any learner. Are you a master of maths?
Topmarks   A website that is full of games for development of a range of maths skills
Maths Playground  Loads of interactive games that can cement children's knowledge
Woodlands Junior Maths  An incredible array of maths games to support, made by teachers for children