Marvellous materials (26.1.18)

This week in science we completed an investigation. We had to test six different materials to see which would make the best boat for Compare Bear to sail across the water tray. We tested wood, felt, paper, polystyrene, plasticine and foil. Working in teams we created six different boats to test. Here is what we found out. 
On Friday afternoon, during Goldren Time, we were set a challenge to see if we could make a plasticine boat that floated. Below are our results.
In Maths we have been learning about arrays. We have looked at how numbers can be grouped into sets and that theses sets can be described as repeated addition sums and multiplication facts. 
In PSHE we were learning about who we worked well with. We were set a challenge to work with our partner to create an acrostic poem. 
Molly brought in a canonball that her Dad had found in Truro when he was 9 years old. He was pretending to be a pirate and looking for buried treasure when he came across the canonball. He took it to Truro museum and he found out that the canonball dated from the English Civil War and had not been fired. When we tried to hold it we found it was extremely heavy. It would have caused a lot of damage. What an exciting find it was! 
In PE this week with Plymouth Argyle we completed some Castles themes warm up activities before we began our gymnastics lesson. 
  • Swimming is each Wednesday until 21.2.18
  • Wednesday 31st January is the M&M performance of Beauty and the Beast.
  • Tuesday 6th February is Safer Internet day.
  • Wednesday 7th February Phonics workshop 2:15pm
  • Week beginning Monday 12th February is half term.