Welcome to our Literacy blog. This blog will keep you informed about Reading and Writing at Sandy Hill Academy. You will be able to access websites to help to support your child at home and at times there will be links to out of school competitions based around Literacy.
At Sandy Hill Academy we strive to foster a love of reading within each and every child. Children read and are read to within each class. They have access to a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry within their class. The value of reading and the links between reading and writing are shared with all of our children.
All children at Sandy Hill Academy are encouraged to read daily at home and to record this in their reading diary. In February 2016 we launched 'Reading Rewards.' Each child has a reading reward chart inside of their reading record where parents sign and date after each school book read. Each significant number of reads then results in a certificate and prize. 
The reward system works as follows:
50 read= certificate, 100 reads= certificate and pencil, 200 read= certificate and bookmark, 500 reads= certificate and ruler, 700 read= certificate and badge, 1000 reads= certificate and book! 
The websites below will help you to keep up to date with newly released book titles which are suitable for your child's age and interest.

World Book Day News

What a fantastic day! Well done to all of the parents/carers all of whom helped towards making this day the success it was. So much effort had been put into each and every costume. The children beamed with pride as they shared who they were and the book they were from. The day really did get the children enthused about books.

Thank you to everyone who donated books for our World Book Day sale. There were lots of happy faces in the hall as the children purchased a new read with their 50p. The school raised £65 and the books which did not sell will be divided up and shared between classes.

Remember to use your World Book Day token by Sunday 27th March. This token can be used to buy a £1 World Book Day Book or to get £1 off of any book or audiobook worth £2.99 or more.

Happy reading everyone!