Gingerbread Men and 2D shape (24.11.17)

This week we enjoyed creating our own Gingerbread people with Claire-Louise from Tesco. We learnt about where ginger originated from, the different types of ginger that are sold and how ginger is used in cooking. It was great fun decorating our Gingerbread person using icing, different sweets and raisins. 
In Maths we began investigating the properties of 2D shapes. We discussed the number of sides found on each 2D shape and whether the sides were straight or curved. We also looked at the length of the sides on 2D shapes. After that we investigated the number of corners on each shape and whether the shapes had any lines of symmetry. We used dotted paper and a ruler to attempt to draw 2D shapes from memory. When drawing shapes we noticed that some of our drawn 2D shapes did not look like the 'proper' shape. We then had a discussion about 'proper' 2D shapes being regular 2D shapes and the more unusual depictions of 2D shapes being irregular.
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