Fractions are fun (23.2.18)

We have had an enjoyable start to our new half term. This week in Maths we began looking at fractions of shapes. We learned that the bottom number is the denominator (how many parts make up the whole) and the top number is the numerator (a number of equal parts)
E.g.3️⃣ the numerator, 3, tells us that the fraction represents 3 equal parts
      4️⃣ the denominator, 4, tells us that 4 parts make up the whole
We talked about uarters, halves and thirds and investigated different ways of showing these fractions. We also reviewed our knowledge of the 2 and 5 times tables. Why not have a go at the games below to continue your learning at home?
In English we learned about instructions. We explored the features of a set of instructions before using our new knowledge to write our own. 
Look at the instructions on the link below, can you find the following?
  • Title
  • Equipment list
  • Step by step what to do
  • Labelled diagrams
  • Easily understandable language
  • Command sentences
  • Imperative ('bossy') verbs
  • Numbers or Time conjunctions
  • Safety tip
Could you design a dog mask for the 208 Chinese New Year of the Dog and create your own set of instructions?
We also continued to consolidate our knowledge and understanding of where and when to use an apostrophe for a contraction. Click on the link below to continue your learning at home. 
  • Thursday 1st March is World Book Day. Children may come to school dressed in pyjamas (with school shoes) or as a character from a book. There is a special lunch menu, please book via Parent Pay.
  • Monday 5th March is St. Piran's Day. There is a special pasty lunch. Letters have been sent home and a slip must be returned selecting your child's choice of either meat or cheese and onion pasty or jacket potato.
  • Monday 12th March-FOSHA cake competition.
  • Monday 19th March- hand in date for project homework.
  • Thursdy 29th March 2pm-last day of term.
  • Monday 16th April- first day of Summer term.